TANYA HEATH Paris offers a collection of shoes with interchangeable heels that let you change heel height with a click of a button. All TANYA HEATH Paris shoe styles combine with all heel designs so you create a look that best expresses who you are. Shoe designs are timeless for versatile wear. Heels are current variations on classics in rich textures and on-trend colors. Whether you chose matching or contrasting heels, it is your own look. TANYA HEATH Paris shoes are for you, not your closet. Wear them to work, to walk, to dance, to dine, to shop, to explore your world in comfort and style --- Morning, noon, and night.


To attach a heel you slide it into place, give it a firm push until your hear a click and viola its done! To remove a heel, simply press the black button on the inside of the sole and slide the heel off.


TANYA HEATH Paris shoes incorporate a unique mechanism that allows you to click the heels on and off. Our collections include pumps, sandals and boots. Shoes are sold without heels. Each pair of shoes includes a cloth travel bag.


Each heel style comes in dozens of colors and textures and will click onto any TANYA HEATH Paris shoes. Heels are sold in pairs separately from shoes. Each pair of heels includes a cloth travel bag

    • CHRISTOPHE  has been designed to get you where you want to go. At 1.7 inches (4.5 cm) they are the perfect height and shape for walking.
    • STEPHANE are perfect kitten heels at 2.4 inches (6 cm.) Feminine and comfortable all day long.
    • DAMIEN hits that sweet spot, so you can be on trend and on your feet all day. With a bold straight line from the back of your shoe to the floor, this sophisticated heel stands 2.6 inches (6.5 cm) high.
    • MINI DENIS is our abbreviated version of a Cuban heel. At 2.8 inches (7cm) this petite but bold design pairs ideally with pumps, boots and sandals.
    • DENIS heels are 3.4 inches (8.5 cm) tall, powerful Cuban heels in the classic bootmaker tradition.
    • FRANCOIS are tall, sleek stiletto heels at 3.5 inches (9 cm.)


Tanya Heath has designed and handcrafted a shoe and heel collection with multiple heel heights in a rich palette of colors and stunning style variations. Tanya Heath was inspired to create a shoe that allows for interchangeable heels to suit all of the women we are. With a revolutionary, simple one-click method, TANYA HEATH Paris shoes take you the many places you go in a day and honor the various roles you play in life. Dozens of classic, cosmopolitan and chic shoe designs with which you combine heels for your own look and heel height for any occasion.


Pame Schmider traces her passion for fashion, culture, architecture, food, and shopping to her early childhood where she embraced anything French. On a trip to Paris, Pame was shopping on the Left Bank and by joyful happenstance came upon TANYA HEATH Paris, ”a shoe store unlike one I had ever seen before.” She knew immediately this was an innovative and exciting take on shoes. In fact, she was so impressed with the revolutionary idea that within days of buying her first pair of TANYA HEATH Paris shoes and twelve interchangeable pairs of heels, she contacted the founder and luxury shoe designer, Tanya Heath.  Pame opened TANYA HEATH - Los Angeles, the first boutique in the U.S, on Robertson Boulevard in May of 2015. As of July 21, 2017 TANYA HEATH -  Los Angeles is available online only. Sizing advice and concierge shopping assistance is available via email or by phone - we welcome your inquiries! contact@tanyaheath-la.com